Hi, I'm David Friend,

CEO of Carbonite, and I’ve been starting businesses all my life. While Carbonite is not really a small business anymore (400+ employees), just 6 years ago there were only a half dozen of us working around my dining room table. When you’re small, there are a lot of distractions that don’t have much to do with the essence of your business. Your job, as the business owner or manager, is to stay focused on the things that will distinguish your business from your competition. Focus on the things that make you unique. Find someone else to do the rest.

In our case, we needed to write a lot of software, raise a lot of money, and build our first data center. Back then we didn’t have a legal department, a finance department or much of anything other than engineering. So we found outside services and experts who could pay the bills, worry about the legal issues, and even manage our office network and printers.

Cloud technologies are revolutionizing life for small businesses. You can outsource your sales tracking to companies like Salesforce. You no longer have to set up in-house accounting software – you can do it all through a web browser and services like Quickbooks. And you don’t have deal with hard drives or tape backup systems anymore thanks to simple automatic cloud backup solutions like Carbonite. For you - the small business owner - that means fewer things that can go wrong, lower up-front costs, fewer people to manage your systems, and most importantly - more time for you to focus on the things that are truly important.

We’ve designed the Small Business Hub with you and your business needs in mind because at Carbonite, we’re dedicated to having your back. With helpful, relevant information about things like business operations and cloud technologies, you can quickly learn what you need to know to run your business more effectively. If you have any suggestions or questions about the Hub, please let us know by emailing smallbizhub@carbonite.com.

To your continued success,